B-spoke is specialised in the construction of telecom sites. For large telecommunication groups, we implement the following projects:

  • BRIGHT BUILT: complete construction of mobile sites on any kind of support (towers, roofs, water towers, churches, etc.)
  • CRASH TEAMS: intervention on construction sites in order to regularise the site to the conformity requests stipulated in the statement of work
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution): realisation of the 4G swaps for Ericsson
  • MBTS: deployment of the mobile Orange and Base sites
  • REI (Reinforcement): reinforcement of the sites based on the stability studies of the client
  • SAR (Security Additional Reinforcement): reinforcement on physical security of the technicians on the construction site (installation of balconies and stair railings, fall protection devices, etc.)
  • RCE: optimization of the network by adding a new frequency band at strategical places (football stadiums, events, etc)
  • REENGINEERING ZTE: upgrade of the Base network to 4G


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